Friday, 4 January 2008

Pissed on by Harmony Korine

Met with August from Caution! Productions at The Winchester today. She drank Rum Toddy with tinned peaches. I HAD A PINT. That might clue you in to the magnum disparity between two worldviews. August was hip to Gnome’s existenz but really didn’t feel it. She was putting together an “I Love Early 90s American Indie Rock” TV show for Channel Five and wanted my two Euros worth. I told her to get the new Wildcats 2” and dig something new school. No cable laid friend.

Day was not a total sack off ‘cause I got the new Hitachi Melts LP thru on grey vinyl. Comes with a free White Stripes CD that’s been pissed on by Harmony Korine. Feel the future.

Over and mpeg,


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